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Let's Keep it Real

I'm all about transparency. On that note, you should know that your wedding deposit is funding my boxed wine and Chipotle addiction ... OK fine, and a little bit of my son's college education.

While we're keeping things real: I'm sure there are lots of photographers in this world who can take photos as well as me or at least edit in a similar way. But making beautiful photos of your day should only be half the experience. You need someone you are excited to spend the day with, someone fun. You need to laugh and feel relaxed. You need me. I promise.

I pride myself on making photo-taking not just bearable, but one of the most memorable moments of your day. I will tell jokes that make your fiance snort-laugh, help your mom take deep breaths, get your grumpy grandma to smile and make sure Aunt Susan doesn't look as drunk as she was.

Let's chat.

I am based in Colorado but am available to travel anywhere airplanes fly.

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Meet Sharee

Hi, I’m Sharee!

(pronounced Sha-REE: like, "Sha-REEELY don't like when you call her Sherri") and I have a few addictions/ passions/ obsessions/ infatuations in life: my son, Chipotle, llamas, lists/ spreadsheets/ timelines/ calendars/ organization, and weddings.

I know I'm supposed to say that because I'm a wedding photographer, but I also really mean it. I've photographed well over 200 weddings and I still cry at every single one. I absolutely love everything about these magical days--the commitment couples are making, the love the surrounds them as a couple, the epic mountain backdrops and dance parites I typically join in on during the reception. I don't think I will ever get enough.

But in order to trust me with documenting the best day of your life, you need to know me a little more. I get it.