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It's 2017. Everyone's Aunt Sally and Cousin Joe has a camera now - I get it. We live in an age where anyone can tap on their phone and take a photo. I do more than that. I don't just "take photos." I create images and document every single moment -big or small- that tells your wedding story. Your wedding day is going to go by so fast. Every time you look at your photos I want you to remember the emotions you felt in every moment.

I shoot in a photojournalistic style. That means when I take photos of just the two of you, I will find a beautiful spot and then encourage you to do your thang: laughing, having a tickle fight, saying silly things to each other, dancing, arms around each other, radiating the love and joy you share with your forever person. I document the way you feel about each other - no "stand there and smile" photos with me! That's not what I do because that's not who you are.

I also place huge value on photographing other elements of your story like the decorative details and group family photos. I totally get that your wedding is likely the first time in a long time your whole family has been together and you might want to grab some traditional, formal group shots. I'll also wander around, capturing all the details you added into your decor to make the day truly special to you and your partner.

Take a minute to click through my portfolio and visit the blog for complete wedding stories. No "highlight reel" here, I show you the full day so you can get a sense of my photography style and understand how important it is for me to tell my couples' stories all the way from getting ready to the grand exit.

I am based in Colorado, but am available to travel anywhere airplanes fly.

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Sharee, here!

That badass photographer lady pictured on the right is yours truly. The one that's going to document your wedding day with the most magically epic photos you can dream of- are you ready for it?

Chances are I'll be just as excited, if not more, about your wedding day than you are. Even 200 weddings in I can't get enough of it. This is what I live for!

I love the simplicity of the little moments and the complexity of the big ones. People crying is my absolute favorite; and this is probably the only job where it's totally reasonable to admit that out loud.

Let's be real, I'm going to tear up during your ceremony if you do (or if one of your close family members does too). My couples are my people and by your wedding day we will basically be besties, so any time you're feeling the feels I'll be feeling them right along with you.

Don't be the least bit surprised if I hit the dance floor with your grandma, belt out the words to Sweet Caroline, and play air guitar right alongside all of your guests.

You want to know who you're trusting to document one of the most important days of your life, I totally get it.